Find products you love on Japanese sites. Have them shipped to you anywhere!

What services does Jzool-Agent offer?

Jzool-Agent purchases products from Japan on your behalf ships them to your door.

Many online shops in Japan do not accept overseas orders. But if you really want that product you can use Jzool-Agent to purchase it for you. We'll acquire it and ship it to an overseas destination of your choosing.

Try Jzool-Agent to get that rare item from Japan!

We ship to over 120 countries and regions. See here for details.

How much will it cost?

You pay the sum of the following four items (but the quote is free!)

① Purchasing Cost

The price of the product + other fees such as domestic shipping from the store to our warehouse

② International Shipping

The international shipping fee from Japan to your home. (Varies depending on destination country and weight)

③ Service Charge

Up to 20% of ①
(Mininum US$10 in case ① is less than US$50)

④ Payment Processing

A credit card processing fee amounting to 4% of the total charge

Purchase Flow